Wednesday Evening Ride: 11th May 2022

After Star Wars Day last week, Google tells me this Wednesday is national Eat What You Like Day!  Excellent! But before you touch that delivery app, consider for a moment Thursday morning - when you come downstairs to all those discarded junk food containers in the kitchen - oh the guilt! the remorse!  The solution is obvious; simply inoculate yourself again the guilt and subsequent remorse, with a couple of hours out on the bike Wednesday evening!

Thanks to Lucas once again for this week’s route suggestion, a climb up from Wrington and around the back of the airport on Winters lane – should be a cracker.

The Weather’s looking good and everyone’s welcome. See you outside Priory school at 18:00

Total distance: 30.72 mi
Max elevation: 653 ft
Min elevation: 13 ft
Total climbing: 1522 ft
Total descent: -1529 ft

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