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Membership to the Weston Wheelers is currently open.

Members of the club have access to our Facebook group, where club rides and general discussions take place and receive regular email updates on club activities.

Paid up members are able to access our main Facebook group where rides are organised. Also the club Strava and WhatsApp groups.

The main club group ride takes place on Sunday morning. We also run an introductory level ride on Saturday morning and a ride on Wednesday evenings during the months of April to October. Details will be announced on the public Facebook group in addition to our main Facebook page, Strava events and WhatsApp group.

We do, occasionally, have to cancel rides if the weather is particularly bad.

Non-members are welcome to ride with us and test the water.

Subscriptions this year are;
Adult (18 - 59) : £15,
Junior (under 18) : £5,
Family (living at same address) : £20,
Senior (60+) £7:50,
Upgrade Adult to Family : £5.
Second Claim membership : £5

Please note that Second Claim membership does not include voting rights at club meetings and proof of membership to primary cycling club is required.

For information regarding joining the club or general enquiries, please contact the club secretary:

secretary.weston.wheelers(@) - please remove the brakckets


31 responses on “Join Us

  1. Paul Cahill

    Just like to know if you are taking new members, been cycling just around a year and would be nice to join a cycling group!!!

    1. Mark Bradshaw

      Paul, absolutely.

      We’d be glad to have you. Fill in the form and one of the club officers will be in touch.


  2. Mike


    I’ve only been cycling about a month or so and the furtherest I’ve cycled is 13 miles at a average of 14.7mph. I understand that currently I’m not likely to be good enough to join but I was wondering whether there was a minimum distance/speed that I could aim for before I try and join?



    1. Peter Morteo

      Hi Mike
      Thanks for your enquiry. As from this Sunday the club are introducing a beginners/warm up route specifically designed to welcome new members. This will be a 10-15 mile route around Weston and leaves at 9 am from Priory school and will finish at the Grand Pier. It would be great to have you along.


  3. Liz Gibbs

    We are always delighted to welcome cyclists to the North Curry Coffee Shop! However it is very small and we are a volunteer staff so we do find ourselves overwhelmed by numbers on occasions! Please can I ask that if you intend to visit in groups of 10 or more that you notify us in advance? Thank you! Liz Gibbs

  4. Steve Climo

    Hello I’ve been riding on and off for a year now and my longest ride is just under 30 miles . Are you taking new members ? The only thing is I work shifts and would only be available 3 Sundays out of 6 would this affect me joining your club ?

    Cheers Steve

  5. Peter Morteo

    Hi Steve,
    No problem at all with distance or frequency of rides. We are an informal friendly club and you are welcome to join us as often as you like. Just fill out the joining form and copy and paste the paypal link if you fancy joining.
    Hope to see you on a ride soon.

  6. Krisztina

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a bike club for my 10-year-old son. He is keen on cycling but I can’t really go with him. I haven’t found any bike club for kids in the area. Can you let me know if you know about something that might be suitable?

  7. nikki

    Due to my spinal fractures I am sadly not able to join you but I live in the area and have a carbon scot cr1 54cm for sale indoor stored and dry miles onky and a willier ali 54cm road bike that someone may like to buy…
    Hope physio and pilates can give me strength to join wheelers in the future….
    if you want a new to you nice bike to whizz up and down

    1. Peter Morteo

      Hi Nikki,

      Thanks for your interest in the Wheeler’s and behalf of all our members wish you a full and speedy recovery.
      Best wishes

  8. Patrick

    Hi there,

    I’ve recently moved to the Blagdon area, and am looking for a cycling club in the area. Are you currently accepting new members? I’ve not been a member of a club before, but am looking for some company to explore new routes and to motivate me to get out on the bike on sunday mornings!


  9. Peter Morteo

    Morning Patrick,
    Thanks for your enquiry.
    You are welcome to join us for a ride we are a friendly bunch and are always accepting new members. We leave from Priory School Worle at 9 am Sunday. Keep an eye on the website for the downloadable route.
    Hope to see you soon.


  10. Duncan

    Hi, I’m visiting from Perth and keen to join a club ride. Do you meet this sunday, and can I tag along?

    1. Duncan Robertson Post author

      Hi Duncan.

      We meet up at 9am on Sundays, outside Priory School, Worle. You would be welcome to join us, although the route isn’t decided yet, but will be posted in the News Section on the website.


    Hi Peter
    I moved to this area two years ago (from the New Forest) and have taken early retirement (now 63). I believe that I’m reasonably fit and have cycled all my life. However, I had an ankle fusion 9 months ago but now seem to be cycling without discomfort. I’m keen to join the club to meet new friends but obviously don’t want to be a hinderance to others. Am I eligible to join?

  12. Mike hale


    I’ve been looking for a cycling club, going out on your own not only gets boring but it also takes alot of motivation lol

    I took up cycling as I can no longer run, so low impact is the way forward for me … the longest ride I’ve done is 25miles, that was on a hybrid, however I have since purchased a road bike … which believe me I’m slowly getting use to it lol

    What do I wanna get out of this you may ask ???

    well I like to meet new people for starters, hopefully improve my cycling by that learning from you guys, I like to have a laugh

    I have ran numerous 10ks so now I’m looking at Weston ride etc so hopefully joining your group will spur me on and into the right direction

    Please advise me if I can pop along for a spin at some point please

    Sorry I rabbited on

    Many thanks

    Mike hale

  13. Chris Fysh

    Is the club active?
    I’ve moved to West Wick and look to ramp up my cycling interest. Only got an MTB at the moment but looking to purchase a road bike very soon.

    1. Duncan Robertson Post author

      Hi Chris.

      The club’s group activities are currently suspended due to the pandemic.
      When we are likely to return to normal is anyone’s guess.
      As individuals, we are trying to keep our fitness in various ways, but at a very much lower level than the weather would have currently allowed.

      Any change in our organised activities will be posted on the website and our public Facebook page.



      Secretary WWCC

    1. Duncan Robertson Post author

      Hi Kris.
      Not at all. Quite a few club members started with a Halfords bike.
      Because it is likely to be heavier than a more expensive bike, it’s probably harder work up hills, but you’ll still get there.

  14. John Foster

    I’m relatively new to cycling and the Weston area, so I am looking to get some more experience and meet some new people. I am currently cycling at about 13 mph over 30ish miles on a road bike. Do you have any suitable rides that I could come along and join in on?

    1. Duncan Robertson Post author

      Hi John

      Our Saturday morning ride would be good for you.
      Typically it will be around 30 miles, not too hilly, and there is no minimum speed expected.
      Look out for announcements in the News section of the website front page.

      Secretary : WWCC

  15. Kevin Pearson

    I was knocked off my bike a few weeks back, and have lost confidence riding on the road. Would it be possible to join a Saturday club ride, with a view to joining the club if I find I get on ok with it? I really don’t want to do any rides alone at the moment, and having met Cris, David, and Sandra on the GWR and GER, Weston Wheelers does seem to be a very good club to join.
    Many thanks,

  16. Luke strachan

    Hello im luke interested in joining just wondering do i need a road bike, and do i need to have the club kit?

    1. Duncan Robertson Post author

      Hi Luke.

      It would be better to have a road bike. Some members do use hybrid’s but you’ll be at a bit of a weight disadvantage and might struggle to keep up.

      But club kit is voluntary.


      Secretary WWCC

  17. Richard Bartlett

    Hi, my name is Richard Bartlett and I’m looking for like minded individuals to cycle with. I used to run with Weston AC. However,due to illness I had to stop. 6years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s but I have found that even with Parkinson’s I can still train at a reasonable level. For the last 14 years I’ve been working on nights as a nursing assistant at Weston General hospital.
    To sum up, even though I have a medical condition I feel I have something offer even though that might be a couple of dodgy jokes!
    Regards Richard Bartlett aged 60 half

    1. Duncan Robertson Post author

      Hi Richard. Sorry, missed this comment. Feel free to join us on Saturday morning and see how you get on. See the News Section for info.

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