Points Competition

The aim of the points competition is to get people on their bikes and riding in whatever way best suits them. Whether you ride alone, with the club or even on an indoor trainer, it all counts.

The competition elements are all non-speed related and are based around the clubs Strava leader boards and club rides.

How it works

Points will be awarded to riders for Distance, Longest Ride, and Climbing based on the weekly Strava leader board.

Each week the leader in each category will be awarded 20 points. Second place will earn 19 points, Third 18 and so on. Twentieth place and below will all earn 1 point.

Bonus points will be available for participating in a Club ride. 6 points each for the Wednesday evening and Saturday rides, with a further 8 points available for the longer Sunday ride.

So that’s a maximum of 80 points possible each week. The leader board resets Monday each week.

Example ( with a short leader board – just to illustrate )

At the end of week one the leader board looks like this

RiderDistanceLongest RideClimbing
Eddy Merkx190907000
Chris Boardman1201209000
Bradley Wiggins40674500

Eddy gets 20 points for Distance, 19 for the 2nd longest ride and 19 for the 2nd highest climb ( 58 points )
Chris gets 19 for distance, 20 for longest ride and 20 for climbing. ( 59 points )
Brad gets 18 for distance, 18 for longest ride, and 18 for climbing ( 54 points )

Additionally, Eddy was out Wednesday evening ( 6 points ), Chris on Saturday ( 6 points ), and Brad did both Wednesday and Sunday ( 6+8=14 points ).
After the first week the points look like this:

Bradley Wiggins 68
Chris Boardman 65
Eddy Merkx 64

Week two leader board looks like this:

RiderDistanceLongest RideClimbing
Bradley Wiggins 110017038000
Eddy Merkx1201205000
Chris Boardman 1101102390

Massive week for Brad as he rides LEJOG. He’s leads everything and earns 60 points.
Eddy earns 19+19+18 = 56 points
Chris earns 18+18+19 = 55 points
Additionally, Chris was out Wednesday evening and earns a further 6 points, bringing him up to 61.

After 2 weeks the points look like this.
Bradley Wiggins 128
Chris Boardman 126
Eddy Merkx 120

Notice how the points system has stopped Brad running away with the competition on that huge second week. The idea is everything’s contained within weeks, so nothing rolls over and no early runaways - each Monday the game starts again. Some weeks the points will be easier to come by than others. So keep your eye on the leader board – on a quiet week there could be some steals!

How do I enter?

Simply make sure you've joined the Weston Wheelers Strava club and that your rides are uploaded promptly ( a couple of days ). Everything else is automatic.

When does the competition start and finish?

All club rides between 1st April and the 30th are awarded points. Points for leader board positions start from the first Monday in April and end on the last Sunday in September.

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