Club Competitions

The big changes made to the club competitions in 2019 were generally well received. So this year it’s a case of evolution rather than revolution.

DATES: For 2020 the club competitions will run from 30th March to 27th September.

The 10 mile TT will once more use the CDRC course, but this year you’ll be able to ride any time using Strava. The aim is to make the competition more inclusive by accommodating those riders who can’t make the Tuesday evening start time.

The Omnium Challenge remains unchanged with its 4 age/gender categories. Even if you don't generally think of yourself as quick rider, make sure you check the challenge out. There may be more in it for you than you think.

The Points Competition is once more all about getting people on their bikes in whatever way best suits them, but we’ve made a couple of changes to keep things even tighter than last year. Points distribution for club rides has changed to lessen the disadvantage to those who can’t make more than one ride a week. And there’s an exciting new “showdown” phase planned for the last 10 weeks of the season, where we’ll be bunching up the top riders to within a handful of points of each other. Entry remains automatic ( once you've joined the Wheelers Strava club ). So basically if you’re pedalling you’re in the competition, and with cups for 1st 2nd and 3rd places, you could well be pedalling your way to some silverware!

The Handicap competition remains unchanged.

  1. The Wheelers Omnium Challenge
  2. The Points Competition.
  3. 10 Mile Time Trial.
  4. Handicap Competition

Current Competition Standings

How to Enter

When you have completed an attempt at a competition/challenge please let the Competitions Manager know. The easiest way to do so is via Strava using the #WWCOMP tag.

( Note: Entry is automatic for the points competition, provided you're a member of the Wheelers Strava Club )

When you upload a ride onto strava which contains a competition attempt, simply include the tag #WWCOMP in the ride title ( e.g “Sunny morning ride #WWCOMP” ). The Competitions Manager will record times for any competition segments covered on the ride and add a comment to confirm this has been done.

A Couple of Caveats

In order to take advantage of this facility you’ll need to be part of the Weston Wheelers Strava club.

Because this is a manual process there is the potential for tags being missed, particularly if a ride is uploaded to Strava late. For this reason, you remain responsible for ensuring your competitions attempts are recorded. If there is no confirming comment against the activity then it hasn’t been recorded. The activity feed should be swept through at least once a week. If yours hasn’t be picked up – please submit by email;, or by using the contact page here:

Link to Competition Results Notification Page......

General rules.

At all times, club members attempting a challenge or competition must observe all Road Traffic legislation and requirements of the Highway Code, and should conduct themselves in a safe and considerate manner.

Unless otherwise stated, the competitions and challenges will utilise Strava measurements to determine the winner in whatever categories the individual entrant falls into, and the competition committee judge appropriate. E.g. Male/Female Senior/Veteran, etc.

When a club member completes a challenge or time trial, the club member is responsible for informing the club competition manager of their attempt and provide their Strava record for their ride.

If it is found that the route taken was not the same as the designated route, then the attempt will not be recognised.

Only times recorded between the designated riding season start and finish dates will be considered. ( 30th March 2020 to 27th September 2020 )

In the event of any dispute, the competition committee's decision is final.

Only paid up members of the club, at the time of their entry, will be considered for competitions and challenges.


The competition routes that have been published are the clubs' best efforts in producing a viable series of tests for club members - these are aimed at being challenging but enjoyable and within the capability of all club members. It is entirely possible that there may be mistakes. If any errors are found please inform the club Secretary, so that we can correct the routes, segments etc. It may be the case, that until club members attempt individual tests, that particular issues not be obvious, although all routes have been tested by the committee.

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