Code of Conduct

These are the basic rules to be observed when riding in a group so that the ride is safe and enjoyable.
  • When riding with the club please remember you are representing the Weston Wheelers and need to conduct yourself accordingly. Bad riding could get the club a bad name.
  • Be courteous at all times, do not respond to, shout or wave abuse at motorists at any time, even if they are wrong. Stick to the guideline below and remember that riding in a neat orderly fashion makes the group look more professional.
  • Ride steadily. Keep a steady line and a constant speed while in a group. Any sudden change is magnified as it reaches the back and so can have dramatic consequences.
  • Ride two abreast where it is safe to do so but always be prepared to single out when necessary. Ride immediately behind the rider in front – do not overlap either forwards or sideways. Never ride more than two abreast.
  • Electronic equipment including ipods, MP3 players and mobile phones should not be used whilst riding. Using this equipment has the potential to cause a distraction to the rider and could endanger the rider the group and other road users.
  • When approaching a hill anticipate the gradient and change gear in good time. Missing a gear change on a steep slope can bring you to a sudden halt – not a good thing for the riders behind you!
  • Riders on the front should shout and point out any hazards (pot holes, debris, pedestrians etc) if safe to do so. Never swerve suddenly or brake sharply in a group.
  • The group should always wait for riders who have a problem be it mechanical or otherwise. The group should collectively ensure that no-one is left behind and that anybody who is dropped has no health problems knows where they are and is able to get home. Riders towards the rear have a responsibility to keep the rest of the group informed about riders who have any problems.
  • Observe all aspects of the Highway code.
  • When passing horses always shout “Bike!” or other such warning, in good time to make the rider and horse aware that you are approaching from behind. If a horse appears startled always be prepared to slow or stop. It is preferable pedal rather than freewheel past.
The points described here are firstly to keep you safe and to maximise the enjoyment for you and your fellow riders. Most importantly enjoy the ride, have fun, be safe and considerate.