Saturday route – 20th Jan 2024

This isn't the standard Saturday club ride, but with the road conditions as they are, or may be, some of the club members are intending to ride the route below; subject to cancellation if the roads look dodgy.

Meeting up slightly later at 9am, outside Priory School

There may be a cafe stop near Westhay.

There is also some uncertainty about Pill road heading towards Rooksbridge on the return leg. I believe it should be open, but there are roadworks scheduled along there soon.

The route is 70km, but with option to turn back at Riverbridge to knock 10km off that and also turning back at Mark to reduce the ride to 50km.

I don't want to labour the point, but this is a 'member' ride and not a 'club' ride. Participants need to be happy to ride with whatever road conditions are found.

Total distance: 44.13 mi
Max elevation: 66 ft
Min elevation: 4 ft
Total climbing: 489 ft
Total descent: -489 ft

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