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Saturday Club Ride : Off

I've been monitoring multiple weather sites and there isn't a great deal of agreement about tomorrow.

It may or may not be wet, but it will apparently be windy. The degree of wind is in doubt, but it likely to be on the stiff side.

So, to err on the side of safety, there will be no club group ride tomorrow.

Which is disappointing.

Saturday Club Ride : 27th June 2020

The weather is probably borderline for this Saturday morning's club ride.

There are likely to be showers around, which may be quite heavy, and a stiff breeze; not everyone's ideal weather conditions.

If anyone is prepared to risk a downpour, I am prepared to keep them company - how wet can you get over thirty miles?

However, our Saturday club ride is supposed to be at an introductory level, it's not aimed at the hardcore cyclist. So, I won't be too disappointed if I turn up at the appointed time and I'm on my own - I'd be quite happy to go home if it's hosing down and blowing a gale. There will be other Satuday's.

Having said all that, we meet up at 8:30am, outside Priory School.

Total distance: 33.53 mi
Max elevation: 184 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 1171 ft
Total descent: -1171 ft

Weekend Club Rides…..

Weekend Club Rides.

I'm keeping an eye on the weather forecast at the moment.

There is a possibility of rain and/or thunderstorms from Thursday onwards.

So, I am reluctant to post a club ride at the moment with the prospect of thunder and lightning.

Any ride is likely to be posted at fairly short notice.

I will post an update the evening before at the latest, to the positive or negative.

Wednesday Club Ride : 24th June 2020

Here is the route for this week's Wednesday evening club ride.

Meet up at 6pm outside Priory School. It could be a warm one.

Note: We will be observing social distancing rules and will form up in groups of up to six riders. Please download the route if you have the tech, in case you are in a reduced group. The more people that have the route the better.

Total distance: 30.08 mi
Max elevation: 912 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 1939 ft
Total descent: -1939 ft

Saturday Club Ride : 20th June 2020

We are tentatively beginning our club rides again, after both Cycling UK and British Cycling updates.

To start us off, in case anyone is rusty, is an old favourite down to Mark.

Meet up as usual at 8:30am, outside Priory School.

N.B. We are currently required to keep to groups of six, with social distancing. Please let the club Secretary know if you are intending to take part in this group ride. This will help us to organise multiple groups if a large number want to partake. Facebook messenger, Strava RSVP or email.

email :

Total distance: 31.9 mi
Max elevation: 66 ft
Min elevation: 7 ft
Total climbing: 489 ft
Total descent: -482 ft

Weekly Challenge

Whilst the club is unable to organise group rides, we will be trying to encourage some sort of cycling amongst the membership.

We will be publishing a weekly challenge route, that can be ridden at any time during the week, with flexible start and finish points. Generally, as long as there appears to be a genuine attempt at the route, with the feature climb, etc, having been completed (this week Wrington Hil) and 90% of the designated route distance achieved, the ride will count towards the Points Competition.

More details on the Facebook groups and from the Secretary or Competition Manager on request.

Completion of the route will attract ten points towards the Points Competition and another five awarded for the most liked photograph on the Facebook post.

This week, we are having a trial run before the competition season starts proper next Monday. Just tag your Strava record with #WWCOMP. If you are a Strava user but not a Facebook user, forward your photograph to either the Competition Manager or the Secretary for posting on the Facebook group.

Total distance: 30.22 mi
Max elevation: 509 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 1322 ft
Total descent: -1322 ft

Group Rides Suspended

Group Rides - Coronavirus / COVID-19

After receiving advice from various cycling organisations, the club committee has made the decision to temporarily suspend our club group rides.

It is hoped that we can still, as individuals, continue cycling and maintain our fitness, but riding in groups is being discouraged. It may shortly not be possible to include café stops with groups of people anyway.

The club competition season is scheduled to start on the 30th of March, and as this is predominantly an individual effort it is hoped we can still run our competitions. There is a complication with the Points Competition but we are looking at ways to include this.

We will update the club with any developments as soon as we can.

Sunday Club Ride : 15th March 2020

I'm not sure if there is going to be any takers for this Sunday's ride. There are a few of the regular faces going to be absent.

But, here is a route suggestion for this week.

Café stop near Chew Valley.

Meet up at 9am, outside Priory School

N.B. The route from RideWithGPS should give Wahoo units turn prompts.

Total distance: 50.67 mi
Max elevation: 922 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 2697 ft
Total descent: -2697 ft

Saturday Morning Club Ride : 14th March 2020

The weather looks OK again this week, in between days of rain and wind.

Here is the proposed route for this week's Saturday club ride.

Total distance: 33.53 mi
Max elevation: 184 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 1171 ft
Total descent: -1171 ft

Saturday Morning Club Ride : 7th March 2020


Some half decent weather for a Saturday morning.

With the expected wind direction, a route to Mark seems like a good option.

Meet up at 8:30am, outside Priory School

Total distance: 32.88 mi
Max elevation: 66 ft
Min elevation: 7 ft
Total climbing: 495 ft
Total descent: -495 ft