Saturday Club Ride : 27th June 2020

The weather is probably borderline for this Saturday morning's club ride.

There are likely to be showers around, which may be quite heavy, and a stiff breeze; not everyone's ideal weather conditions.

If anyone is prepared to risk a downpour, I am prepared to keep them company - how wet can you get over thirty miles?

However, our Saturday club ride is supposed to be at an introductory level, it's not aimed at the hardcore cyclist. So, I won't be too disappointed if I turn up at the appointed time and I'm on my own - I'd be quite happy to go home if it's hosing down and blowing a gale. There will be other Satuday's.

Having said all that, we meet up at 8:30am, outside Priory School.

Total distance: 33.53 mi
Max elevation: 184 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 1171 ft
Total descent: -1171 ft

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