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Sunday Club Ride : 19th November 2023

Here is a suggestion for this Sunday's club ride.

The weather, although forecast to be dry, is expected to be very windy.

The route tries to minimise extended headwinds and avoid muddy roads that might be expected after the recent wet weather - no promises though!

Avoiding headwinds does come with the potential for gusty sidewinds that can produce an 'interesting' ride.

Meet up at 9am, outside Priory School.

Total distance: 55.28 mi
Max elevation: 94 ft
Min elevation: 4 ft
Total climbing: 930 ft
Total descent: -930 ft

Sunday Club Ride : 12th November 2023

Here is a recommendation of a route, following a club member request.

The weather forecast isn't too promising, but here's something for the keen.

The route includes the opportunity for a cafe stop at the marina at Portishead. There are/were two cafes overlooking the boats. We used Mokoko last time, but there is/was another adjacent.

The route should be relatively clean, but don't quote me on that. At this time of year and with so much rain, roads can be muddy anywhere.

Meet up at 9am, outside Priory School

Total distance: 50.78 mi
Max elevation: 313 ft
Min elevation: 11 ft
Total climbing: 1944 ft
Total descent: -1944 ft

Sunday Club Ride : 5th November 2023

Here is the route suggestion for this week's club group ride.

I've tried to consider what the road conditions are possibly going to be like given the recent rainfall and also, this week, the significant breeze that is forecast. But actual conditions could be anything at this time of year.

The route passes close to the Avalon Marshes Centre and Sweet's Cafe. I will leave it up to the group to decide which establishment to use.

Meet up at 9am, outside Priory School.

If you happen to live in town, feel free to join along the way if that suits you better. I would advise posting something on Facebook and/or WhatsApp if you are planning to do this.

Total distance: 53.86 mi
Max elevation: 180 ft
Min elevation: 2 ft
Total climbing: 2009 ft
Total descent: -2008 ft