Park Tool CM5.2 Cyclone Chain Cleaner

To make sure I always have a constant supply of Haribo I buy a cycle tool once a month from the obvious mail-order bike retailer, last month that meant I finally got round to buying a Chain Cleaner.
Park Tool CM5.2 Chain Cleaner

Park Tool CM5.2 Chain Cleaner

I had something similar many years ago, but a cheaper, none branded version, and it wasn't very good, I think it lasted one or two uses before I broke it. Ever since I have been a bit old-school and tend to split the chain and clean it in a jar of degreaser before rinsing it, replacing it and lubing up. That's not a quick job though, so in winter, when the commutes are long and the available bike fettling time is short it tends to mean I can go a couple of weeks before cleaning the drivetrain, not good for chain and chainring life. This time the chain cleaner is way better than I had hoped, it's a job of 5 minutes to get the chain cleaned from start to finish. It might not be as perfect a deep clean as I get when I do it manually but I'm more likely to do it at least once a week which is really necessary with all these dirty, wet, rides. It's a simple matter of filling the cleaner with degreaser to the fill-line, fitting it to the chain and fastening the clips, then giving it a few spins backwards. I'm not one for following instructions so I tend to pedal it forwards too, no idea why, I reckon if one direction is good then both directions is better! After a few spins it's a case of wiping the chain and drivetrain with a rag, a quick spray with WD40/GT85 and then leaving it for 20 minutes or so before lubing up. I'm converted, I'll still give it a 'proper' clean when I have a spare hour or so, but this is something I can do once a week without any hassle at all. I got it from Wiggle for £14.99, I reckon that's a bargain if I get a bit more life out of my chains and the rest of the drivetrain.

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  1. Peter Morteo

    Nice Job Mark. I’ve been using the same and it does a great job. A clean chain makes your bike look like new

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