Garmin Edge 200

Review Title: Garmin Edge 200 Review: This unit has been around for a while, and can be bought relatively cheaply - even from Aldi occasionally. I've found the Edge 200 reliable, if possibly a little basic. It will display speed, distance, etc, but it can't connect to external devices such as cadence, heart rate monitors or power sensors, neither can it connect to your phone. It is possible to load a course and get turn-by-turn directions, with audible alerts, on a breadcrumb trail; which is OK as long as you don't get too lost, as it has no map information to display. The Edge 200 starts up fairly quickly and locks onto the GPS position rapidly. It doesn't appear to lose the satellite fix often when in use. I've had no problems with my Edge 200 and would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple and straightforward GPS enabled gadget. Saving rides onto Garmin Connect or Strava requires connecting the device via USB to a computer or notebook. Mark out of ten?: 8 Reviewer: Duncan Robertson