Sunday Club Ride : 4th April 2021

Remember the good old days, when we went out on a Sunday for a group ride with a café stop in the middle?

Well, the good old days are back again!

Below is the proposed route for this weeks' Sunday club ride.

To be frank, I'm not sure how many people will turn up, but I will be, unless my leg falls off. I anticipate that there are some that may be a little nervous. If it helps, I've had my first vaccination, and so has just about everyone in my family circle.

I have created a fairly easy ride, with a coffee stop just after half way.

There is one 'feature climb' on the ride, a steady slope to negotiate at Woolavington but at 4% average it shouldn't present too much of a trial for even the least recently active amongst us.

There is a stretch of National Cycle way 33 between Cote and Burtle that I haven't used for a while. But it's a cycle route, what could possibly go wrong.

Meet up as usual at 9am, outside Priory School. We are limited to groups of 15 if necessary. Social distancing is still in force.

Please bring the route with you, if you have the technology.

Note. As we started last year, if there is enough interest, we could consider splitting the ride and letting people wanting to race back, do their thing. With the main group picking up stragglers on their way.

Total distance: 51.41 mi
Max elevation: 66 ft
Min elevation: 3 ft
Total climbing: 581 ft
Total descent: -581 ft

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