Sunday Club Ride : 18th November 2018

Here are the routes proposed for this week. Come out and enjoy the dry weather (for a change). Might be a little on the cool side and there's a bit of breeze - but not expected to be gusty. Meet up at 9am, café stop around halfway mark. I believe option 2. won. Option 1 - Frome. Headwind out, tailwind home.
Total distance: 74.52 mi
Max elevation: 922 ft
Min elevation: 13 ft
Total climbing: 4029 ft
Total descent: -4029 ft
Option 2 - Langport. Crosswinds both ways, perhaps with a slight hint of headwind on the way back to Weston.
Total distance: 70.52 mi
Max elevation: 256 ft
Min elevation: 3 ft
Total climbing: 2726 ft
Total descent: -2726 ft

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