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What no Cake!?!

  This week’s ride was planned by route designer extraordinaire Ben Nicholas Leaving from Priory School at 9.00am the weather was sunny with a 6 degree chill in the air and a 12mph breeze. We headed out though Banwell with a slight detour as the road to Sandford was closed. Once back on track we headed for the big climbing challenge up Burrington Combe. There was a definite drop in temperature when we reached the top of the Mendips, but we soon warmed up as we headed on towards Wells. Joining the A39 we enjoyed a fantastic descent into Wells reaching a top speed of 43mph. We then re grouped and headed out to Wookey Hole, on to Draycott and then turned left for Wedmore. Next we had our planned and well earned tea and cake stop. Alas cake was off the menu which left us wiith the rather questionable gingerbread. Once refreshed we continued with the final leg of the route which was mostly flat taking us through Mark and Highbridge and then onto Brent Knoll. Finally we headed back to Weston via Lympsham and Uphill and along the sunny seafront. This week’s ride totalled 56miles, climbing 2300 feet with an average speed of 15.9mph. A big thanks go to Andy B, Ben, Patrick, Duncan, Dave H, Phil, Neil, Jason, Paul,Wayne, Pete and a hearty welcome to new members Laura and Alex. The wheelers are currently taking on new members. We Meet at Priory School on Sunday 9.00am and Wednesday at 6.00pm. For more information please visit

The call of The Lakes – and a bonus

A beautiful sunny, if cool, morning greeted the Weston Wheelers, as they assembled at Priory School for the regular Sunday morning club ride. The ride this week was presented as a two-parter. The first section of the ride designed to be more suitable for less experienced riders and those with time constraints. The second section of the ride, was an opportunity for members of the club to stretch their legs on a longer combined route, in anticipation of the forthcoming 'Somerset 100' charity sportive event; where a number of the club members are intending to complete the 100 mile course. A party of ten Wheelers set off at 9am and headed towards Chew Valley Lake. Passing through Banwell and Churchill before starting the undulating, and increasingly steeper, roads to Blagdon and onto West Harptree. Enjoying the descent from West Harptree, the riders circled the azure blue of Chew Valley Lake, before heading west towards Blagdon Lake. Passing the similarly picturesque lake, the Wheelers passed through Butcombe and started a series of exhilarating descents towards Congresbury and West Hewish. Returning to their start point after 40 miles. The riders embarked the on bonus training circuit; with no reduction in their number. Passing through Sand Bay and ascending to the coast road, the riders made a transit of Weston-super-mare seafront, before picking up speed again as they left Uphill. The Wheelers are holding a number of club competitions this year; an element of which is a sprint along a section of road near Batch. Although the group enjoyed the relatively flat and straight segment, and several riders produced their best times, the 50 miles in their collective legs meant that only a few personal best's were achieved, but not for the want of trying. Reaching Berrow, the club turned east towards the landmark of Brent Knoll and the last significant climb of the day. The knoll ascent marked the final quarter of ride and following the descent, a good pace was maintained towards Loxton and onto Christon. Skirting Banwell via the caves, the group now headed back into Weston-super-mare and the riders dispersed to their individual end points, a significant contribution to their endurance and tan-lines having been made. The ride, in glorious spring weather, was a total of 72 miles with 2250 feet of climbing. The Weston Wheelers welcome new riders to come along and try group riding, in a friendly and inclusive cycling club.

Two Coombe Challenge Achieved

This Weeks ride was a tale of two Coombes. Leaving from Priory School at 9.00am as usual, we headed out of Weston via St Georges and on to the A370. Struggling against a strong head wind, we powered on to our first challenge, Brockley Coombe. The steady climb proved a real challenge so early in the ride, as our legs had not yet warmed up. Once passed the Airport, we headed down Red Hill on the A38 and were met with a very dodgy cross wind, so it was hands tight on the handle bars. Our 2nd climb of the day was a busy Burrington Coombe, as  British Cycling were holding a Junior 2 day cycling event across the Mendips. A special well done to new rider Neil, climbing Burrington on his first attempt.  Turning right to Charterhouse and then descending the gorge we stopped off for a well-earned tea stop. The ride home took us through Axbridge onto Loxton and in to Weston via Bleadon. This week’s ride totalled 42 miles with 2500ft of climbing and an average speed of 15mph. A big thanks go to Steve B, Andy J, Pete G, Andy P, Duncan, Rob, Jody, Ben, Andy B, Steve P, Paul G, Paul S, Neil and Pete M. The Wheelers are taking on new members and you are welcome to join us. We leave from Priory School, Sundays at 9.00am and Wednesdays at 6.00pm. Happy Cycling

Rodney Stoke Ramp Up

This week’s ride was created by, route design visionary Andy Bemand. Starting from our normal meeting point at Prior School, we headed out of Weston via Ebdon and Wick St Lawrence to Hewish. We then turned right passed Puxton Park to our first climb of the day up Banwell Road through Hutton. Turning left at the Hospital we headed out of Weston towards Lympsham and our second climb, Brent Knoll. Cycling into a strong head wind we struggled across the levels though Wedmore up to Rodney Stoke. Next came the big challenge, a category 4 climb from Rodney over the Mendips to Charter House. We took a welcomed break at the top of the climb, taking time to enjoy the fantastic views across the levels and on towards Glastonbury Tor. During the ride back down the Mendips, we encountered the Sommer Valley Sportive with hundreds of riders coming towards us, with lots of smiles and waves of encouragement. The final leg was a fantastic descent down Burrington Combe and returning to Weston via Banwell and Puxton. This week’s ride totalled 58 miles, climbing 2000ft at an average speed of 15mph. Big thanks go to Andy B, Paul G, Andy P, Dave H, Ben, Andy J, Greg, Pete, Dave T and a big welcome to new rider Neil. We are currently taking on new members, so you are welcome to join us for a ride. We meet at 9.00am on Sunday at and 6.00pm Wednesday at Priory School.

Wheelers Enmore Dash

Today's Easter Club Ride, took us to the beautiful Quantocks. The weather forecast predicted rain, but when we left from Priory School at 9.00am (bst) the blue sky was starting to show through the clouds. The route took us out through St Georges over to Christon and Loxton and around Brent Knoll. Crossing over the A39 we headed for West Huntspill towards Woolavington riding into a cruel headwind. We ploughed on through the wind on to Bridgwater, and over to the beautiful Quantocks. Next it was the main event, Enmore Hill!!  A category 4 climb for over a mile. Once at the summit and about half way round the route it was time for a cafe stop with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake. The journey home  kicked off with a fantastic descent down through the Quantock Hills and Villages back into Bridgwater. The final fifteen miles home there was a welcome tail wind that took us through Mark and  the back lanes into Weston. This weeks ride totaled 65 miles, with 2,500ft of climbing,  at an average speed of 15.5mph. A big thanks go to Jeremy, Jason, Aron, Andy, Paul D, Pete G and Pete M. The Wheelers are currently taking on new members, so why not come along one Sunday morning and join the group.  

Double Cheddar 20/03/16

  This weeks route was a ride of epic proportions thanks to route design Guru Paul Stone. We started as usual from Priory School at 9am and this time headed out towards Kewstoke and Sand Bay. A quick blast along the Toll Rd and along the busy seafront we then tackled our first climb of the day up the Bleadon Hill. We then headed to Axbridge, desending through the village, towards our first real challenge Cheddar Gorge. The famous climb included a few stray goats and lots of tourist enjoying the attraction, but it was heads down for the group as we pushed on up the climb. Once at the top we took a left towards Charter House, where we encountered a British Cycling Organised road race. A couple of the lads took great pleasure in racing for a sprint finish using the markers set out for the race. This took us on to the highest point of the ride and some spectacular views across Chew Valley and beyond. Next was a fast desent into Blagdon Village and a ride along side the Blagdon Lake. We then turned right and the heart break of Harp Tree Hill was our next climbing challenge. Once back on top of the Mendips, we headed back down the Gorge where we stopped for a well deserved cup of tea and a slice of cake in the warmth of the Simply Gorgeous Cafe. Our jouney home took us back passed Axbridge towards Winscombe, one last quick climb passed Banwell Castle and back into Weston. This weeks ride totaled 52 miles at an average of 15mph with 3500ft of climbing. A big thanks go to Jason, Paul G, Paul S, Paul D, Rob, Pat, Duncan , Steve, Andy J , Andy B, Pete, Dave and Aron.

One lump or two?

  This weeks ride was the warmest and sunniest so far this year! Leaving from Priory School at 9 am we headed out of Worle via St Georges and Wick St Lawrence onto the A370. We then took a left after Puxton Park and took the back lanes and climbed up past Banwells caves to Christon then Loxton. Our next climb took us up over Brent Knoll where we encountered the Freaky Peaky Dualothon competitors running down the hill!. Next we rode to Highbridge taking a right at Mark and across the beautiful somerset levels. A quick puncture repair was needed on one of the carbon bikes making its summer debut before the scheduled stop for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake at Sweets Cafe. A challenging climb up Mudgley Hill warmed our legs up before the ride home through Wedmore passed the Windmill and on to Crooks Peak. Our final climb up Bleadon Hill and then the descent into Uphill took us back  into Weston and a very busy seafront. This weeks ride totaled 50 miles climbing 1800 ft at an average speed of 15.5 mph. A big thanks to Paul D, Andy, Paul S, Pat, Steve, Jason and Pete.

Wheelers Mothers Day Meander

    This weeks route was designed by the club secretary Duncan and took us into the heart of Bristol. Ten riders turned out this week meeting at Priory School at the usual time of 9am. The weather was cold but dry and crisp- perfect if you're kitted out correctly for a 50 mile ride. Once through St George's and Wick St Lawrence it was as out on to the A370 heading to Brockley. Turning left at the lights we headed for Nailsea and our first major climb of the day up to Failand. Our route into Bristol took us across the Clifton Suspension Bridge where we had a brief stop for a tricky puncture repair (new tyres are always tough to lever Andy!) but with help of the other riders we were back in business.  Sitting by the river at the Mud Dock Cafe with Coffee and Cake made for  a very welcome break before we set off home via the Cumberland basin and on to Ashton. The ride back was against a keen wind so the riders tucked in and shared the effort with a bit of through and off on the long straight at Kemble and on to Yatton. This weeks ride totalled 56 miles climbing 1800 ft at an average speed just short of 16 mph.  A big thanks to Duncan,  Andy J,  Andy B,  Andy P,  Dave,  Aron, Pete and newcomer Paul. The Wheelers as are open to new members so why not come along this Sunday and see if the club is for you.

Club ride to Westhay : 28th February 2016.

A bright, chilly, but frost free, morning greeted the Weston Wheelers as they assembled on Sunday morning. A group of ten riders headed out through St Georges, passing through Bourton and West Hewish before picking up A370 for a short stretch before turning back towards Banwell. Climbing up the hill past Banwell Caves and club made their way, via Loxton and Christon, to Cross and onto the A38 for a short stretch, picking up a rider from another club who was heading in the same direction, and taking the turn towards Wedmore. If they weren't warmed-up by the time they approached Wedmore, the riders certainly were shortly after, as the club made their way up and over Mudgley Hill. By now, John had dispelled the myth that Time Trialists can't climb hills for a second week running, leaving his compatriots in his wake. A fast descent in weak February sunshine, heralded the approach to Westhay and a short break at Sweets Cafe. Refuelled and rehydrated, the club turned for home, now cycling into the wind, as they traversed the Somerset Levels, passing through Burtle and River Bridge and onto the last significant leg-tester of Brent Knoll. After Lympsham came one of the club's favoured sprint sections, where the riders leant into the wind to take the honours of the One Mile Straight segment. Returning to Weston-super-mare, the club remained in convoy as they approached the Sea Front. At this point the various members peeled off and made their way home, having enjoyed the near perfect cycling weather for most of their ride. Today's ride was posted as 46 miles (75 km) with 2000ft (600m) of climbing. The group maintained an average speed of close to 16MPH (25.5kph). The Wheelers taking part in today's ride were; Patrick, Andy B, John, Aron, Pete G, Alan, Ben, Jason, and Duncan R. First time rider Duncan M was made welcome on the ride. Weston Wheelers membership is currently open and they are happy for non-club members to ride with them to see if group riding is something that they would like.

Toughest Ride So Far This Year!

The Club ride this week, took the form of a challenge posed by Jonathan McMillan. A Metric Century ride with 1200 metres of ascent (62 miles and 4000 feet). Just after 9am, nine Wheelers left Priory School and headed towards St Georges. Enjoying a favourable breeze, the group passed through Banwell and on towards Winscombe. Skirting Axbridge the group arrived at the first significant climb of the day; Shipham Hill. Having crested that incline, the lesser climb up Longbottom beckoned. On towards Charterhouse and an exhilarating descent down Burrington Combe, before climbing some minor inclines around Blagdon Lake and a much anticipated stop at the Salt and Malt cafe at Chew Valley Lake, to refuel on the traditional cyclists fare of cake and coffee. The cafe break marked the halfway point and the Wheelers resumed after a relatively short pit stop. Now, however, the wind was no longer in the preferred direction. So, battling wind and light rain, the group headed towards Winford and onto Belmont Hill, the last significant climb of the ride, and the relatively flat run towards Portbury via Failand. A tough headwind welcomed the riders at Portbury as they turned towards Clevedon. From Clevedon towards Weston, the wind continued to present a significant training opportunity, but at least the route was virtually flat. As Weston approached the sun made an attempt to provide a welcome as the club made their way through Wick St Lawrence and back to their starting point. The Wheelers who enjoyed today's challenge, to a greater or lesser degree, included; Dave, Andy B, Jonathan, Andy P, Paul, John, Duncan, and Andy C. The Wheelers extended a welcome to Jeremy, who might not quite have appreciated at thestart what lay ahead, but acquitted himself very well.