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Saturday Club Ride – 1st June 2019

Saturday Club Ride 1st June

The weather’s looking great for Saturday ….AND… it’s the first day of Summer! (well, meteorologically speaking at least)

So, what better way to get “flaming June” underway than a steady leg stretcher around some local lanes?

Here’s the route for Saturday, and with an 08:30 start from Priory, you’ll be back before the better half has even noticed you gone.

Sunday Club Ride : 23rd September 2018

Better late than never's the route for this Sundays ride ( Thanks Dan Parker ) .  Slightly shorter than normal at 44 miles,  it manages to take in 5 of the club competition segments and promises to get us home before the rain stops..…….Oops! Before lunch I meant to say! 09:00 outside Priory School
Total distance: 44.49 mi
Max elevation: 463 ft
Min elevation: 3 ft
Total climbing: 1499 ft
Total descent: -1499 ft

Sunday Club Ride : 23rd July 2017

Here's the ride for this Sunday. A coffee stop is planned at Masburys Cafe at the Rocky Mountain Nurseries. See you at Priory School 09:00 Rocky Mountain Ride
Total distance: 49.74 mi
Max elevation: 863 ft
Min elevation: 13 ft
Total climbing: 3389 ft
Total descent: -3392 ft